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Appropriate Technology Construction (ATC) is a premier construction company located in Mile 7 opposite Independence Stadium, The Gambia. We take pride in our work and our services are delivered to the highest of standards with no project being too big or too small. We focus on given quality services to our customers and our projects are delivered on time and in budget.

ATC have a full team of Architects, Interior Designers, Chartered Surveyors, and Structural Engineers supporting our building team. Our doors are always open for free consultation for potential projects. Contact us now.

We have over 20 years of construction experience, from laying the first bricks to the final coat of paint in commercial, residential development and rehabilitation of existing structures.

Quality is our concern

About Us

Appropriate Technology Construction (ATC) was founded in 1994 as a construction company that provides housing using local building materials for low income earners in the urban and semi-urban areas of the Gambia. Since its inception, ATC has concentrated on constructing quality buildings on a varied range of projects.

The company has grown significantly today providing full range of construction services from high-technology construction to low cost, using local building materials. The company started with a working capital of D5,000.00 in 1994 with one employee, but today has 21 permanent staffs with over 100 temporary staffs. The annual construction volume of the company today is over D50.0 million.

The company was awarded "Construction Company of the Year 2010" by the Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI). This awards was given after a thorough review and evaluation of the work of various construction companies in the Gambia.

ATC encompasses a diverse range of sectors which include residential, commercial, education, community facilities and industrial buildings. A selection of our clients include GAM-WORKS, Ministry of Education, Embassy of the United States, Gambia Ports Authority to name a few.

ATC specialises in maximising value by finding the most intelligent and creative ways to deliver outstanding buildings. With many years of experience, we have developed a real understanding of our customers' needs and have a proven track record in all our core markets.

The work of ATC is based on the following principles:

  • Proactive partnership: True collaboration with our customers, consultants and supply chain partners means we deliver quality projects on time and on budget.
  • Focused sector expertise: We have knowledgeable experts who understand the needs of our customers.
  • Early cost certainty: Plus capital and operational cost savings through effective and forcused preconstruction expertise.
  • Proven experience: We are experts in sustainability with over 20 years experience.


To be declared the most effective, efficient and quality conscious construction company in the Gambia.


  • To contribute in the Government’s efforts to provide housing to low income earners in The Gambia.
  • To promote the patronizing of local building material selling companies.
  • To participate in the provision of schools, hospitals and other social amenities for our country's development.
  • To provide continuous on job training and safety for our employees.
  • To help shape our country to accommodate future needs.


A highly infrastructure developed Gambia with affordable housing, offices and other building structures.


Provision of high quality building projects at reasonable competitive prices across all sectors of the Country with wide utilization of local materials and labour.

Past Projects

With our extensive experience in multiple sectors, Appropriate Technology Construction (ATC) offers you impeccable quality, competitive pricing and a history of successful projects.

On every project, we rely on a strategic, consultative approach that often provides significant savings for our clients. By getting to understand your needs we can help you achieve diverse goals, including environmental, social and health targets.

ATC is a thriving business with a bright future, and we seek long term, mutually beneficial alliances with every client. So when you choose ATC, you can be certain of our support for many years to come.

We are expertise in managing small, medium and large construction projects all the way from site preparation and deployment to completion. Our experienced team can handle enabling works, building, plumbing, electric, roofing, tiling, plastering, flooring, decorating, kitchen and bathroom fitting, supply of materials, clearance and after-builder’s cleaning services making any new build or refurbishment project a hassle free task.





1995 Upgrading works at kwinella Health Center building of a Waiting Shed 11m x 8 m Rehabilitation of existing building has been completed Kwinella Department of Works & Communication
1995 Rehabilitation of police station Bakau Gawworks Agency
1996 Construction of Four Institutional Stoves at State Enrollment Nurse (SEN) Basang Ministry of Health
1996 Construction of Improved Cooking Stoves at Banjul Police line 102+15 Stove Banjul Gamworks Agency
1997 Construction of Drill Tower for Fire Service Churchill town Gamworks Agency
1997 Construction of Rescue at Sea Bakau Gamworks Agency
1997 Rehabilitation of Serre Kunda Post Office Serrekunda Gamworks Agency
1997 Construction of fish processing center Yeli tenda Gamworks Agency
1997 Rehabilitation of Farrafenni Post Office Farafenni Gamworks Agency
1997 Construction of Albert Market Car Park Banjul Gamworks Agency
1997 Construction of Soma Car Park Soma Gamworks Agency
1998 Rehabilitation of Inner City Drains Banjul Gamworks Agency
1998 Rehabilitation of Banjul ShipYard workshop Roof Banjul GPA
1999 Rehabilitation of Gambia Family Planning Clinics Bwiam Pakalinding GFPA
1999 Rehabilitation of GPA Head Quarters Banjul G P A
1999 Construction of a clinic for GFPA Kanifing GFPA
1999 Rehabilitation of GPA Store Banjul GPA
1999 Emergency Work on Roof at Store Banjul GPA
1999 Rehabilitation of GPA Repair Shed into Office Banjul GPA
2000 Construction of Classroom & Toilet Blocks Kiang & Jarra Gamworks
2000 Construction of GPA Sea Port Terminal Building Banjul GPA
2001 Construction of Classroom Block & Toilet (Storey Building) 2 blocks Bakoteh Lower Basic School Gamworks
2002 Construction of Additional Canteen LOT B Brikama Market Gamworks
2003 Construction of Laundry House M R C, Keneba M R C
2003 Construction of New Annex Block (Storey Building) 2 blocks St. Josephs Gamworks
2004 Completion of Construction of Bundung Markets BUNDUNG Gamworks
2004 Construction of Multipurpose Skill Centers In ten locations across the Country Gamworks Agency
2005 Rehabilitation and upgrading of Gambisara Health Center GAMBISARA Gamworks
2006 Rehabilitation of passenger Waiting Shed, Banjul Ferry Terminal Banjul GPA GPA
2006 Rehabilitation of Shed A Roofing Banjul GPA GPA
2006 Construction of Sea Wall at the Navy Banjul Ferry Terminal GPA
2008 Construction of 5-Carpark and Rehabilitation of Found office & Police Station Banjul Ferry Terminal GPA GPA
2008 Refurbishment of Head office building GPA GPA
2008 Construction four classroom block Foni Kanjabina Americans
2009 Renovation Works at branch office SSHFC West Field Branch SSHFC
2009 Reconstruction of SereKunda Market Serekunda Gamworks
2009 Renovation Works at SSHFC Kerewan Rest House Kerewan SSHFC
2009 Construction of 5nr (Two Storey) classroom & Toilet Blocks at Jabang, Sukuta, Farata (Mindaw) and Kunkungjang LBS Jabang, Sukuta, Farato, & Kunkujang LBS PCU, Ministry of Education
2010 Construction of 1nr Two Story Class-room &Toilet Block at SMIS - Sinchu Alagie SMIS – Sinchu Alagie Gamworks
2010 Rehabilitation of SSHFC Rest House Phase 1 Basse URR SSHFC
2010 Rehabilitation of SSHFC Rest House Phase 2 Basse URR SSHFC
2010 Rehabilitation of SSHFC Rest House Phase 3 Basse URR SSHFC
2010 Construction of SSHFC Branch Office Kanifing Institutional Area SSHF C
2011 Rehabilitation of ITC Facilities at Keneba LRR Kenebba, Kiang West ITC Progeb e
2011 Construction of Classrooms and Toilets Kitty St Mary Sisters
2012 Construction of Classrooms and Toilets Wellingara and Old Yundum Gamworks
2012 Construction of Staff Quarters for Teachers in Remote & Difficult Areas Eight Villages in WCR and LRR respectively Ministry of Education
2012 Construction of One Storey (2Floors) Guest house Mansakonko & Janjanbureh SSHF C
2013 Rehabilitation of Staff Quarters Musa Janneh(6nr) and Station Managers Office Sapu Ministry of Agriculture
2013 Rehabilitation of Mindaw Senior Secondary School Farato Ministry of Works


Proprietor / CEO

Fakebba Darboe founded Appropriate Technology Construction in 1994, with a vision of delivering quality projects. With over 25 years of construction experience, Fakebba's hands on approach ensures effective and efficient project delivery on time and within budget, irrespective of the size of the project.

​Fakebba obtained a certificate in community & rural development from Rural Development Institute, The Gambia. He also obtained a certificate in alternative energy and energy conversion technology, from The University of Florida, Gainesville, a certificate in local energy planning from Finmeccanica Centre in Rome Italy, a certificate in supervisory management from Management Development Institute The Gambia and a certificate in small & medium scale enterprise development, from Pan Africa Development Institute in Cameron.

He is very skillful in civil construction works, and has built up a very high level of respect and credibility with his clients. He takes immense pride in his work, setting a high standard for the quality of the finished product. Fakebba’s work reputation and delivery is impeccable and well regarded among leading construction companies in The Gambia.

As the CEO/General Manager, he has overall responsibility of company strategy, coordination, planning, performance as well as monitoring of all activities.

Fakebba’s hobbies include gardening and working in his farm. He also likes to spend quality time with his family.

Administration Manager

Sainey Jadama brings over 20 years of business operations and administration experience to the management team of Appropriate Technology Construction (ATC). Sainey oversees all facets of office administration, human and technological resources and programme coordination He also works in conjunction with Project Managers to prepare tenders for submissions and project management plans. He ensures that project documentation is completed in accordance with company policies and quality standards.

Sainey also doubles as the Community Relation Officer of the Company. In this role he ensures a functional relation between ATC staffs and the communities we work with.

He has obtained a certificate in community & rural development from Rural Development Institute, The Gambia and also a certificate in communication technology from Management Development Institute, The Gambia.

Sainey brings a practical approach to his work and he is a very good problem solver.

Finance Manager

Over the years, Fatou has become an integral part of Appropriate Technology Construction (A.T.C). Her relentless attention to detail and quest for perfection are vital to the success of our company. She is a highly motivated, loyal and driven individual who strives to discover and employ best practices regarding all business activities and procedures.

She has over 5 years of accounting and finance management experience including human resources and executive office administration.

Fatou holds a diploma in Banking & Finance and also, a Bachelor of Arts (honours) degree in business studies from Cardiff Metropolitan University, United Kingdom.

Fatou likes to spend time with her family and friends in her spare times. She also like watching movies and volunteering in community events.

Project Manager

Fracis has overseen the completion of many large projects. He maintains a diligent work ethic and extraordinary professionalism in dealing with clients. He is efficient and detail oriented in the execution of daily problem solving and is very skilled at building and maintaining a cohesive team on-site with various subcontractors.

Francis holds a certificate in city & guilds and diploma in building construction from the Gambia Technical Training Institute.

​In his spare time, he likes to watch sports and spend time with family and friends.


Appropriate Technology Construction (ATC) is committed to providing a safe workplace environment for our workers and subcontractors. Our managers and supervisors are working to manage and supervise the policy. This requires all personnel working under or for ATC to share this responsibility. Our operating practice will be enabled with a clear and concise plan. Our Policy is as follows:

  • Provide all personnel training as required.
  • Conduct hazard assessments and inspections to find, assess and correct any unsafe acts, conditions, or equipment.
  • Properly use and maintain tools, equipment, and facilities.
  • Have a safe and efficient working environment.

It is ATC's responsibility to provide safety regulations, practices, and policies as well as the necessary tools/equipment. We expect all personnel under our umbrella to “Understand and Know this”. Failure to comply with these policies will be a cause for disciplinary action, which may include suspension, dismissal or contract cancellation. Management Personnel are responsible for the health and safety of the employees and providing safe working conditions.

Management shall promote and support the ATC Occupational Health and Safety Program and ensure all employees are informed of expectations regarding health and safety. All management personnel are accountable for their decisions, actions and results. Management personnel are also responsible and accountable for providing safety instruction to all new and reassigned employees before assigning their duties and enforcing those safe work procedures and regulations. Management personnel shall ensure regular inspection of practices and conditions and prompt corrective action to eliminate hazards.

Supervisors are responsible for the project set up, maintaining appropriate staffing levels and ensuring that the utilities are sufficient for the workers to perform their duties. Supervisors are responsible and accountable for providing safety instruction to all new and reassigned employees before assigning their duties and enforcing safe work procedures and regulations and shall ensure workers adhere to the terms in the safety program and applicable legislation. Supervisors shall ensure regular inspections of practices and conditions in the area of their control and prompt corrective action to eliminate hazards. Supervisors shall also set a good example by following all safety regulations and by promoting all safety activities addressed in the safety program.

Workers shall observe all safety rules and regulations and conduct themselves in a manner that does not endanger the well-being of themselves or others, or cause property damage. Workers shall report all accidents and injuries immediately and are encouraged to submit recommendations for improved safety measures.

Subcontractors shall provide their own appropriate safety equipment where required and shall provide for their own insurance coverage.

Visitors shall comply with the company safety rules while they are on our construction sites. The company Occupational Health and Safety Program is designed in the best interests of all personnel, subcontractors, visitors and customers.


If you are thinking of building or improving the comfort and value of your home and wish to discuss it further, why not contact us to arrange a no obligation home visit for professional, practical advice and a free proposal.

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We are open Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm and Saturday 9am to 5pm. We welcome the opportunity to listen to your ideas and help identify your needs.


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Office Location

Mile 7 opposite Independence Stadium
Next to President Award Scheme
P. O. Box 1881
Banjul, The Gambia

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